Costain Construction can help you build your own home. Are you thinking about remodeling or building your own home?  Whether you have seasoned construction knowledge and experience or are just researching how to become your own General Contractor we are your best solution. We are a custom home owner builder and remodeler in the Kansas City metro area.

We will guide you through the entire building process.  We have all the resources and expertise to build the home with you.  We will teach you how to be your own General Contractor, also known as the Owner-Builder.

By building your own home you have greater control, achieve significant savings and build your home the way you want.  Think of us as your toolbox.  Best of all, we’ll coach you through the entire project.

Costain Construction will help you in obtaining plans, engineering, permitting, material selection and actual construction.  During construction we will be there to coach you through the process to get your home built correctly.

You are the Builder!
You are in charge!
You determine your Budget!


We’ll help you plan the entire project and develop your budget.  You can obtain your own building plans, or we’ll help you create your custom plans through our network of draftsmen or architects.

We’ll educate you on how houses are traditionally built ‘to code’ and show you various construction methods and processes to build your custom home.  Whether you’re looking to have better structural integrity, energy efficiency or just overall better quality, Costain Construction will help you create, plan and build your custom home.

We will help you obtain bids from sub-contractor trades and vendors. We help you create a detailed line-item budget with all your selections of construction materials, labor costs and finish allowances.  You determine your budget based on your choices.

With your budget completed, we connect you with our network of construction lenders and guide you through the loan and permitting process.

You can use any sub-contractor, vendor or supplier you choose, and we have a network of resources for you to complete your project.  You can personally perform some of the work on your building project or competitively shop for building materials and finishes.   It’s your home and you’re the builder.

We offer different levels of coaching based on your needs and experience. 

Being a Custom Home Owner-Builder is a valuable way to construct the home you want.  From dirt to done we are here to help you build your custom home.  Schedule a free consultation to discuss how you can be an Custom Home Owner-Builder. 

Plan  –  Select  –  Budget  –  Permit  –  Build  –  Move In
Building your own home is just that easy!